“Money Not Enough”

A poem written in the Malaysian context to lament on the financial challenges faced:

Electricity bill, water bill, phone bill,
Few years once tariff review,
Astro bill, broadband bill, credit card bill,
In the blink of an eye they are due,
Sum them all up the amount can kill.

Everyone likes a brand new BMW,
But most can only afford one of its wheel.
Most cars guzzle much fuel,
Whether we pump Shell, Caltex or Mobil.
Too bad they’ve stopped producing Kancil.

Money management involves some skill,
Save here save there still have to buy meal.
Order roast chicken can’t afford ‘char siew’,
Better learn ourselves how to grill.
Chinese tea costs 50 cents but can’t refill,
Never waste food, eat even the fish gill.

Dreaming of a big house with a good view?
It easily costs more than RM1mil,
Even though it’s next to a landfill!
Forget about one in Bangsar Hill,
Perhaps consider one in Bukit Katil.

Try our best not to fall ill,
And contribute to the doctor’s till.
Government hospitals offer cheap pill,
If we don’t mind the long queue.
If can just rest at home to self-heal.

Buy things have to look for good deal,
Shops always have sale just to lure you.
But not everything need to buy new,
Old shoe spoilt just use glue to seal.

Also have to plan for marriage still,
Girls like diamond ring not one made of steel.
When the baby comes it’ll add more thrill,
Milk is expensive don’t simply spill!

Don’t forget the portion for Lembaga Hasil,
What’s left to go holiday and chill?!
Work super hard bank account still close to nil,
Getting nowhere like running on a treadmill.

Some buy Toto, Magnum and ‘ma piew’,
Some go to the casino on the hill,
But betting is addictive whether big or lil’.
Better to get a BSN Simpanan Premium Sijil.

Don’t be gullible and be a drug mule,
Don’t look for Ah Long, don’t go and steal,
Even if we beg, cry and kneel,
Many people don’t entertain appeal,
Burdened with debts or guilt some jump from windowsill.

Financial challenges are real,
But we still have to live life with zeal,
Let’s hope that our name is in some rich person’s will…

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  1. Wow that’s creative!

  2. Sir, you are a good writer, please keep it up!

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