13 of MALAYSIA’S RICHEST PEOPLE’S Little-Known Facts

You might not know these facts about some of Malaysia’s richest people…

Ananda Krishnan‘s (2nd richest) son, Ven Ajahn Siripanyo, is a Buddhist monk.


Lee Shin Cheng (4th richest) sought work with Dunlop Estate, an oil palm plantation company for a supervisory job at 22 years old, but was turned down. The reason given—he didn’t speak fluent English—important then because Europeans still own most of the plantations. About 20 years later, in 1989, Lee gathered enough financial might to buy up Dunlop Estate, and he described that day as the happiest in his life. Lee has two sons and four daughters, ALL were trained as lawyers.


Teh Hong Piow (5th richest) began his banking career in 1950 as a clerk in OCBC. He is an avid photographer.


Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary (7th richest) helped his mother plant and sell vegetables in the market and also sold roti canai while pursuing his primary and secondary studies.


Yeoh Tiong Lay (8th richest) completed his secondary school education at Hin Hua High School in Klang.


Vincent Tan (10th richest) worked as a bank clerk, then as an insurance agent, but his career took off when he brought the first McDonald’s restaurant to Malaysia at age 29. Despite owning golf courses, he hates golf but loves scuba diving and working out at the gym.


Azman Hashim & Mizz Nina

Azman Hashim‘s (12th richest) daughter, Shazrina Azman, best known as “Mizz Nina” is a Malaysian pop star.


Tony Fernandes

Tony Fernandes (15th richest) is an amateur guitarist and also has achieved Grade 8 Piano.


Chen Lip Keong (17th richest) was trained as a medical doctor before turning to property development. His company, Naga-Corp holds the monopoly on gambling in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Yaw Teck Seng & Yaw Chee Ming (28th richest) – This father-and-son owns Samling Global Limited which controls the unlisted Perdana ParkCity, the developer of Desa ParkCity in Kuala Lumpur. Yaw Chee Ming is married to Lau Cho Kun’s (20th richest) daughter, Lau Soo Lui.


Eleena Azlan Shah (35th richest) is the daughter of the reigning Sultan of Perak, a practicing lawyer and a director of infrastructure group Gamuda, in which her family is a top shareholder.


Kua Sian Kooi (39th richest) who started selling insurance at age 22, is now the Executive Chairman of auto insurer Kurnia Asia. He is worth RM480 million.

 Khoo Kay Peng (40th richest) – most of his wealth comes from U.K. retailer Laura Ashley.

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  1. who is Malaysia’s richest? Not Robert Kuok?

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