Anagrams (Part 1)

What’s an anagram? An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once.

(Selected from and with some modifications and additions)

mother-in-law = woman Hitler
Mummy = my mum
a gentleman = elegant man
action man = cannot aim
iPod lover = poor devil
flamethrower =  oh, felt warmer
a shoplifter = has to pilfer
vegetarian = ate in grave
a telephone girl = repeating “Hello”
postmaster = stamp store
the detectives = detect thieves
Presbyterians = best in prayers
admirer = married
teacher = cheater
senator = treason
salesmen = nameless

Madonna Louise Ciccone = one cool dance musician
Justin Timberlake = im a jerk but listen
John Mayer = enjoy harm
Spice Girls = pig slices
Sheryl Crow = her slow cry
Gene Simmons = immense song
Motley Crue = me cruel toy
Elvis = lives
Bob Marley = marble boy

Tom Cruise = so I’m cuter
Jennifer Aniston = fine in torn jeans
Mel Gibson = big melons
Actor Sylvester Stallone = very cool talentless star
Clint Eastwood = old west action

Jay Leno = enjoy L.A.
David Letterman = nerd amid late TV

President Barack Hussein Obama = A maniac presides. The banks rob u.
George Bush = he bugs Gore
George W Bush = he grew bogus
President Bush = burnished pest
Ronald Reagan = a darn long era
Ronald Wilson Reagan = insane Anglo warlord
Thomas Jefferson = O, short name’s Jeff
Margaret Thatcher = that great charmer
Princess Diana = end is a car spin

William Shakespeare: I’ll make a wise phrase/I am a weakish speller
T.S. Eliot = toilets

Austin Powers = sustain power
Sherlock Holmes = he’ll mesh crooks
The Simpsons = men’s hot piss
Beavis and Butthead = Thus, be a bad deviant

Barbie doll = I’ll bare bod
Guinness draught = naughtiness drug
Apple Inc. = epic plan
Apple products = support placed
The Apple Macintosh = machines apt to help
Western Union = no wire unsent
Frito Lay = oily fart
Microsoft = is comfort
The Hilton = hint: hotel
New York Times = monkeys write
Camry = my car
Elantra = a rental

breasts = bra sets
the eyes = they see
the ears = hearset

the Titanic disaster = death, it starts in ice
the earthquakes = that queer shake

Chemistry = shit, me cry
Pre Calculus = call up curse
I hate school = oh so ethical
achievements = nice, save them
graduation = out in a drag

the Morse Code = here come dots
television programming = permeating living rooms
debit card = bad credit
a decimal point = I’m a dot in place
clothespins = so let’s pinch
laxative = exit lava
ladybug = bald guy
snooze alarms = Alas! No more Z’s
a telescope = to see place
a domesticated animal = docile, as a man tamed it
slot machines = cash lost in ’em

The United States of America = attaineth its cause, freedom
Statue of Liberty = built to stay free

Parliament = partial men
dormitory = dirty room
confessional = on scale of sin
the country side = no city dust here

desperation = a rope ends it
conversation = voices rant on
narcissism = man’s crisis
a persecution = I run to escape
protectionism = cite no imports

Christmas = trims cash
Christmas tree = search, set, trim
Year Two Thousand = a year to shut down
funeral = real fun

Why do you care? = Hey you coward!
Darling I love you = avoiding our yell
God save us all = salvaged soul
Goodbye = obey God
No Admittance = contaminated
a rolling stone gathers no moss = stroller on go, amasses nothing

the meaning of life = the fine game of nil
vacation time = I am not active

eleven plus two = twelve plus one

shower time = where moist
listen = silent
talent = latent

garbage man = Bag Manager
waitress = A stew, sir?
geologist = go get oils
astronomers = moon starers/no more stars

Christine = nice shirt

*Spelt backwards
live = evil
lived = devil
drawer = reward
stressed = desserts
Subaru = u r a bus

5 Comments on Anagrams (Part 1)

  1. Liow Tiong Lai = I will gain too
    Chua Tee Yong = The Young Ace

  2. Karpal Singh = Phrasal King
    Lim Kit Siang = I mis talking
    Lim Guan Eng = Um, gleaning

  3. Paris = pairs
    Google = go ogle

  4. Thanks all for sharing 🙂

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