10 Things That Have Stopped Happening in the CELL PHONE ERA

  1. Memorising phone numbers – Gone are the days when most of us could recall easily 10 phone numbers of family members, relatives and friends.

  3. Carrying phone cards/address books – Since most of us do not use public phones anymore, phone cards are a thing of the past. Those little physical address books that we used to record phone numbers and addresses are also an obsolete product.

  5. Mentioning an exact time and place to meet up – Nowadays when we make a casual appointment, we would just say, “I’ll meet you in ABC Shopping Centre around 1pm ok? I’ll call you when I arrive”.

  7. Writing stuff on our palm – No more handwriting on the palm whether it’s a phone number to call, shopping list or simply a reminder.

  9. Telling family members to say “He/She is not at home” to a caller – All of us did that in the past when we did not want to talk to a particular person right? It could be an admirer in whom we were totally not interested or a boyfriend at whom we were mad.

  11. Teenage boys need not fear a parent answering the house phone when they call their crush – Especially when it was late at night, a strict parent might just tell them off! This also means there’s no more getting a hung-up call as soon as we say ‘Hello’.

  13. Feeling awkward when alone/don’t feel like socialising – Just take out the cell phone and play a game or pretend to be busy deleting old SMSes, cleaning up the Contact List, whatever. People would just think we are busy (too bad if they think we are anti-social). The trick: Put on a serious look when we are doing it – a bored look will give us away.

  15. Buying some cheap candies at a newsstand to get small changes to use the public phone – If we used a big note we’d better buy a few more things to avoid getting an angry stare from the stall keeper.

  17. Seeing the ‘Emergency Calls Only’ message on the public phone – More disappointing if we had just got our coins from the newsstand! The next nearest one could be a few hundred meter away and also displayed the same thing!

  19. Sometimes the public phone was supposed to work just fine except that the handset was missing! Well, vandals are hard to understand…

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