1. Guys have to constantly remember that there is always a small little girl inside every girl (no matter how old she is) waiting for him to take care, pamper, surprise, accompany, listen to and make her laugh. Girls have to bear in mind that there is always a hero-wannabe inside every guy. Once in while make your guy feel like he is the hero of your life, and he will love you even more.

2. When a girl cries in front of you, there is a problem. When a girl cries behind you and doesn’t want you to know it, there is a bigger problem.

3.The key to a fulfilling relationship: give much, expect little. A sure way to experiencing a frustrating relationship: give little, expect much. An unrealistic idea of a fair relationship: to receive as much as we give.

4. Formula of attraction and one of the keys to a happy marriage: the guy finds something adorable in the girl, the girl finds something admirable in the guy.

5. A successful boyfriend/husband does not need to say ‘I love you’ very often. His partner will tell him ‘I feel so loved by you…’.

6. Some guys subconsciously choose girlfriends who are not as smart as they are so as to make themselves feel smarter. But then after a while they feel irritated. Some guys consciously choose girlfriends who are intellectually compatible with themselves. But then after a while they feel inferior.

7. How to tell whether a girl is Miss Right? She’s the one who can bring out the best in us – our most loving, caring and romantic self.

8. Love is a part emotional, part logical decision.

9. The more experience one has in something the better he is? Not so when it comes to relationship. The fact that a person has had many relationships could well mean he’s just not good at it.

10. There are many fish in the sea but only the one that bites our bait matters.

11. Some women say that their men changed after getting married. This is not true! The truth is they have always been like that. It’s just that they never showed their true colours when courting. Or the women might be too blinded to notice the not-so-good side of their husbands-to-be.

12. Pursuing a girl is like boiling soup, being in courtship is like flying a kite, sustaining a marriage is like dancing tangoI leave the interpretation to you 😉

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