A Scoop of ABC Soup for the Soul (Part 1)

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Many a time we do not get what we want for the simple reason that we are not wanting it badly enough. I believe in the Law of Passion, as opposed to the Law of Attraction.

Although the higher we climb, the harder we fall (if we do fall), we should climb anyway (provided the climb is worthwhile and the necessary precautions are taken).

Great dreams are not what happen when we are asleep. Great dreams are what we make happen when we are awake.

Everything starts with a belief. Without belief the likelihood of something happening could reduce from 99% to 1%.

Some failures are necessary for later successes.

Everyday relationships
All relationships have an invisible ‘Fragile’ label. They should be handled with care.

To really get to know a person: 1. Live in the same house with him   2. Marry him   3. Owe him a large amount of money

Perhaps the best response when we feel like arguing is to calm down and keep quiet. In any argument we are either right or wrong. If we are right, staying out of an argument does not change the fact that we are right. If we are wrong, at least we avoid making a fool of ourselves. By arguing we might prove our point but we might also lose a friend or someone’s goodwill.

Having people respect us because of the position we hold is one thing. Having people admire us because of the person we are is another.

The praises given by people who are not very close to us are often more meaningful if they are agreed upon by the people who are closest to us.

Happiness shared is happiness doubled. Grief shared is grief halved.

What is the most important thing in life? Common answers: love, family, health, money, career, God, friendship. My answer: HAPPINESS. Because at the end of the day we hope that all of the above would bring us HAPPINESS.

We will never be able to get rid of UNHAPPINESS in life. The secret to HAPPINESS lies in having enough happy things to outweigh the unhappy ones.

People can be classified into two categories: willing to learn or unwilling to learn; not smart or stupid.

We stop learning the moment we think we are smart enough.

We can only be as smart as the people whose brains we pick.

We are what we eat. We are also what we read.

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  1. Truly inspiring article! It speaks thru experience and healing on soul as well! Keep on man!

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