A Scoop of ABC Soup for the Soul (Part 2)

Further thoughts on…

When we forgive someone we are doing ourselves, not just the other person, a favour. Forgiveness is liberating.

Always remember the kind acts done by a friend. When we are hurt by the friend, recall his best moments and value him by them.

Healthy eating
Since it’s almost impossible to avoid food that contain high sugar, salt, MSG, artificial colouring, preservatives, cholesterol, trans-fat, gluten, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics and what not, the key to a healthier diet is really EATING LESS. By eating 50% of the amount we usually eat/feel like eating, we only consume half the amount of those unhealthy stuff.

Many a time we neglect today and hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes, today has to be good for tomorrow to be better.

Be hopeful of what we wish for, we might just get it. Be careful of what we complain about, we might just get more of it.

Life experience
There’s no substitute for life experience. When we are young (however smart we may be) there are just some things we wouldn’t know (yet).

When people say deep things that we do not understand until after a long time, the length of time it takes for us to come to such understanding is how much more advanced that person’s thinking is compared to ours.

Life in general
Life is like a game of Snakes and Ladders – there will be ups and downs. We just have to keep casting the dice and move forward.

Much of life’s outcomes does depend on ourselves. We are the sower in the orchard of life. Good fruits are a result of good seeds. Bad fruits are a result of bad seeds.

If all the world’s a stage, we’d better work on our character and our ‘acting’ skills (life skills).

The number of people attending our funeral could mean much more than the number of guests in our wedding, birthday parties or new-year open house…

In everything we do it’s important to have the right motivation so that when things go well we have good reasons to celebrate, and when things go wrong we have a clear conscience.

In today’s world where the line between right and wrong is blurring in some areas, the question to ask is this: “Is it something we would consciously and intentionally teach our children?”. If the answer is no, it’s the wrong thing even for ourselves to do.

The people responsible for our character flaws and bad habits are: 1) Ourselves and 2) People who were in the position to teach us but did not do a good job. I’m not trying to blame anyone, just trying to say that when we are in a position to shape the development of another, we’d better do it well. Else when that person is being scolded ‘kurang ajar’ it could well be our fault.

An investment at zero cost with an immediate return most of the time – a smile 🙂

It is not just how much we save that matters, it is also about how wise we spend.

What’s the colour of a salted egg? When it’s unwashed it’s black. After we wash it it’s white. When we cut it into half we find an orange yolk. Never take things at face value…

Most problems are positively charged. The more negative we are, the more we attract them.

Some stress we experience is the result of having people around us who make their problem become our problem when they really don’t have to.

Working world
One of the ways to make a boss more happy: Make his mistakes look less glaring and his achievements appear more glorious.

When we talk to the boss, most of the time, a better answer than “I don’t know” is “I’ll find out”.

A company will definitely be in trouble when the boss always thinks that the employees are not as smart as he is, but the employees always think that they are smarter than the boss.

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