11 Signs You’re Getting OLD

  1. When you fill up online registration forms, you have to do more scrolling to look for your birth year.

  3. You find yourself clicking on the ‘Forgot your password?’ button more and more often.

  5. When you go through your cell phone Contacts, you have a hard time recalling who many people are.

  7. You have been attending more funerals.

  9. If you are a guy, you have not changed your hairstyle in the past 5 years. In fact, you don’t intend to change it anymore from now on… you just have to adapt the hairstyle to your thinning hair.

  11. You have been using this sentence more frequently, “Tsk tsk tsk… youngsters nowadays… not like us last time”.

  13. You usually use the sentence in No. 6 when you are reminiscing the good old days with your peers over a cup of tea, before one of them says he needs to go home because he’s feeling very sleepy/tired (although it’s just 11pm).

  15. You can’t help frowning upon the hairstyles, dressing and hobbies of today’s youngsters.

  17. Your list of dangerous activities/situations has become very long – life experience and stories you’ve heard have taught you that a lot of things might harm you. When you think back, you cringe at some risky things that you did when you were younger.

  19. You are so happy you can dig out something old from your wardrobe and wear it again because the same style is in trend now. You just knew the repeating fashion cycle!

  21. You find yourself starting to give your parents the same advice that they used to give you.

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