Like riddles? Try these:

  1. What’s the similarity between the identities of Wolverine and a man who has undergone sex-change operation?
  2. What got Daisy Duck attracted to Donald Duck?
  3. What do we call the houseflies which are trying very desperately to enter a room through the insect screen?
  4. What fast food do frogs in France like to eat?
  5. What do we call someone who calls in or sends SMS to a radio station regularly?
  6. What do we call a medical professional who are constantly on-call?
  7. Why do boxers can’t wait for Christmas to be over?
  8. Which dinosaur is extremely good with words?
  9. If a person who makes works of ART is called an ARTist, what do we call a person who makes a DENT in our wallets?

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  1. One is an X-Man and the other is an ex-man!
  2. Because he is tall, duck and handsome!
  3. The Desperate Houseflies!
  4. French flies!
  5. Radioactive!
  6. An on-call-logist! (oncologist)
  7. Because they are too excited about Boxing Day!
  8. Thesaurus!
  9. Yes, I’m sure a lot of you got it right – a DENTist! 😉

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