12 Meanings of the FACEBOOK LIKE

  1. “What you posted is really meaningful/funny/creative/informative/beautiful.”

  3. “What you posted is really stupid.”

  5. “I’m sorry to hear that.” (Since there is no ‘Empathize’ button)

  7. “Thank you.” (When you are lazy to reply every single birthday wish)

  9. “All the best!” (When someone posted about embarking on something hopeful)

  11. “Ditto.” (To agree with another person’s comment so you don’t have to repeat the same thing)

  13. “My status is getting too many comments, and I’m getting tired of replying so I just like your comment to acknowledge having seen it.” (To mark the end of a conversation)

  15. “I see all our mutual friends liking your status, I’d better like it too before you wonder whether I have something against you.” (E.g. when someone posts about his child doing something cute)

  17. “It’s been a long time since I like something you write, so it’s as gesture of ‘courtesy’.” In other words, to act in a patronizing manner towards someone.

  19. “Hi, long time no see!” (To let a friend know you do go on Facebook and have been following his Facebook updates, and to remind him of your existence)

  21. “So that this poor little boy having some strange disease in that unheard-of part of the world will get the donation he needs.”

  23. “I just have an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) to like everything… if you notice.”

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