29 Pairs of Rhyming But Opposite ENGLISH WORDS

The English language is beautiful. There are just so many pairs of words that have opposite meanings but they rhyme. Consider using some of them to make your speech and writing more attention-grabbing and memorable.

Adventure or torture – E.g. Jungle-trekking is an adventure to some, but a torture to others.

Better or bitter – E.g. Such experience can either make him a better man or a bitter man.

Cheers or tears – E.g. She’s always been by his side, whether in cheers or in tears.

Constructive or destructive – E.g. Be careful of what we say – words can be constructive or destructive.

Delights & dislikes – E.g. They promise to cater to all your needs no matter what your delights and dislikes are.

Effective or defective – E.g. There are tons of products of there – some effective, some defective.

Fire-fighting vs fire-lighting – E.g. While most of us are busy doing fire-fighting, there are some do fire-lighting.

For free or for a fee – E.g. Some do it for free, most do it for a fee.

Gather & scatter – While I’m gathering the seeds, he’s scaterring them.

Happiness or helplessness – E.g. Both of you should stick together in happiness and in helplessness.

Harmony or harm only – E.g. In some homes, there’s harmony. In some others, there’s harm only.

Hire & fire – E.g. It’s all in his hand – the power to hire and fire.

Humorous or humourless – E.g. Learn to be more humorous, stop being humourless.

Little but lethal – E.g. This is a little but lethal pill.

Love or loathe – E.g. Love him or loathe him, he’s here to stay.

Nature vs nurture – E.g. I don’t know it’s by nature or by nurture that he’s having such habits.

Novel or normal – E.g. Everything is under one roof here, whether novel products or normal products.

Olden or modern – E.g. The place where the olden and the modern meet…

Poverty vs plenty/prosperity – E.g. Such a stark contrast between those in plenty and those in poverty.

Pressure or pleasure – E.g. It’s not all pleasure all the time, we have to learn to deal with pressure.

Protector or predator – E.g. There are cases where those who should’ve been the child’s protector have become the predator.

Roadblocks & building blocks – E.g. It’s not easy navigating through life’s building blocks and roadblocks.

Savoury or sugary – E.g. What’s your choice? Sugary or savoury?

Seize or miss – E.g. Opportunities come and go. Seize them or miss them.

Settle or battle – E.g. Do we settle with them? Or battle them?

Stars and scars – E.g. The stars and the scars in life…

Stay or stray – E.g. We’ll never know whether he will stay or stray.

Use or lose – It’s only for a limited time – use it or lose it.

Wild or mild – They are just opposite – one’s wild, one’s mild.

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