10 Biggest PET PEEVES of Mine

First of all, a pet peeve has nothing to do with pets. It is defined as an irritating experience caused by others which we cannot control. A key aspect of a pet peeve is that it may well seem acceptable to others, while it’s so annoying to us. Here’s my ten biggest pet peeves…

  1. Forms that have a small space/short line for name or address – don’t they know some people’s names and addresses are QUITE long especially in Malaysia?!

  3. Faulty timed flow taps or sensor taps that stops water from flowing out after 1.5 seconds!

  5. Having to open the public toilet main door after washing my hands clean! (the door knob or handle has more bacteria than my pre-washed hands)

  7. Damp wooden cutlery! – this is such a put-off whether it’s damp chopsticks or knife handle

  9. Cashiers who round up the amount when they want to save the 5-cent coins in the till or when there are no more 5-cent coins e.g. RM5.25 is rounded up to RM5.30, thus when I pay RM6.00, I am given  a change of RM0.70 instead of RM0.75.  I experienced this a number of times even in established fast-food outlets. The thing is the cashier didn’t even say anything about the 5 cents. When I asked him, then only he gave it to me (so he had it in the first place!). Of course it’s a negligible amount. However, this is an issue of honesty. Even if there are no more 5-cent coins, the amount is supposed to be rounded down instead. By having such practice, business outlets that wilfully neglect making sure they have enough 5-cent coins would be enriched at the expense of the customers – 10,000 x RM0.05 = RM500.00!

  11. People who queue too closely at the ATM when I’m doing my transactions, worse still, trying to peep to see when I’m done!

  13. Websites with black background and white text – I get blurred vision when I look elsewhere after reading on them for a while!

  15. Feeling itchy at one spot, scratch it, but it’s the wrong spot! – have you experienced it before? It’s like your nerves are playing a trick on you.

  17. Getting cut off when using an automated (Interactive Voice Response) phone system after listening patiently for a few minutes and following all the instructions carefully!

  19. A tube of Super Glue that gets hardened after only one time of usage!

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  1. No.9

    I totally feel you!

    By the way, your post rocks! They are funny! xD

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