If you haven’t, perhaps you should read “10 Signs You’re Getting Old” first – this is a follow-up article. If you find yourself experiencing many of the signs mentioned, you might want to try adopting some of these tips…

1. Learn some K-pop artistes’ names – 2PM and Girls’ Generation don’t count! – they are too easy. You’ll impress the teenagers if you could quote a couple of the individual members’ Korean full names.

2. Familiarise yourself with online lingo – never ask the youngsters what the phrases mean. The fact that you have to ask shows that you are old. Just google them or go to urbandictionary.com before you embarrass yourself reprimanding a young person using ‘FTW’, thinking that it’s ‘WTF’ in reverse.

3. Use the modern lingo that you have learned in everyday conversation. For example, “He wears his new shoes like a boss” and “It was so embarrassing… Such an epic fail” (and please remember that sometimes ‘fail’ is spelled ‘phail’).

4. Understand what a meme is, and try to share some on Facebook (instead of sharing those recycled email stuff from the 90’s). If you can’t understand what is so funny about the recent Thor and Gangnam Style memes, try to imagine that during your era, your bunch of friends somehow came out with some manipulated photos of Elvis with hilarious sideburns. Wouldn’t that be funny?

5. When you are on social media, use hashtags e.g. “I just changed my #readingglasses” and “Just got back from Class of 1977 #reunion“. If you don’t get what a hashtag is, go back to Point No. 2 – google it.

6. For men especially, when you meet your nephews or grandsons, do the fist bump (a high five is considered so yesterday) – even Obama and Michelle do it!
Obama's fist bump


7. When you are being photographed, do the rock hand gesture, not the outdated peace/V sign.
Expressive boy

8. For women, do the kissy lips or pouting lips when you pose for photos. If you are shy to do it alone, do it in a group photo, perhaps during the Class of 1970’s reunion. ?


9. For men, try the Mohawk hairstyle. Doesn’t matter if you look like a rooster. By the way, it’s not done using hair cream, mousse or even gel. Nowadays they use clay/moving rubber/hair wax.
Mohawk hairstyle


10. If you still keep that pair of thick-rimmed glasses from the 70’s, you can wear it again. Look at the pics – not much of a difference, right?!
Thick-rimmed specs guy
Johnny Depp

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