9 AWKWARD SITUATIONS You Might Have Encountered

  1. Being alone with a couple who are having a hot debate about something and they get carried away as if you were invisible (worse still if they ask for your opinion, and expect you to take side).
  2. Having to be with someone who makes a lame joke, and you have to laugh out of courtesy/obligation because you can’t offend that person (maybe because he’s your boss or future father-in-law).
  3. Being with a childhood friend with whom you have grown very much apart. Isn’t that unfamiliar feeling so awkward when both of you used to be so close, shared so many fond memories, and know so much about each other’s history?
  4. When you try to accommodate another person by speaking in a less familiar language that you think the other person is more fluent in, and he’s trying to do the same for you.
  5. When you bump into an old acquaintance, have a small talk for about 5 minutes, and you’re still struggling to recall his name!
  6. After a friend pours her heart out sharing a serious problem, you manage to encourage her and cheer her up, and now she’s feeling less worried, but you end up feeling really worried for her.
  7. Encountering an ex who’s talks about how bad her current boyfriend is, making you wonder whether she’s hinting something.
  8. Trying to think hard whether you have really been to a particular place, or you have just dreamt about it.
  9. Saying ‘hi’ to an acquaintance who can’t recognise you when you are not wearing make-up like you normally do.

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