8 LIFE TIPS from Hong Kong TVB Dramas

Fans of TVB dramas would be able to relate to these tips:

  1. Realise early that you are likely to fall in love with the person with whom you always fight.

  3. For ladies, looking good is extremely important – do not remove your make-up even when you go to bed, and wear make-up even when you are ill in the hospital.

  5. For shy guys, the best time to initiate holding a new girlfriend’s hand is when both of you are crossing a busy road.

  7. When you get the chance to kiss the person you like for the first time, do it quickly before the phone or the doorbell rings.

  9. You are likely to meet your future life partner at the place where you are sheltering from rain. So if you are single and looking (desperate), go out when the sky is dark and DO NOT carry an umbrella.

  11. If you have no intention whatsoever to start a relationship with a particular girl, when she slips or trips, you must fight the reflex action to hold her because if you do, both of you will lock eyes for a few seconds and fall in love instantly.

  13. Carry a spare phone. Murphy’s law always comes into play – during an emergency your phone battery always goes dead!

  15. It’s extremely useful to have one of those TV’s with superb artificial intelligence that automatically increases its volume when an important news that concerns a loved one is on air.

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