TARfm’s Picks of the Top 4 ‘Lala’ Songs

“Lala chai” (guy) or “Lala mui” (girl) is a stereotype applied to a certain group of Chinese young people in Malaysia. The stereotypical view of a “Lala chai/mui” is someone who lacks cultural refinement or indulges in undesirable activities. They normally have unusual styles and tastes i.e. colourfully dyed hair, clothes bought in Sungei Wang, flashy accessories, and souped up cars (commonly equipped with loud stereos). And ‘lala’ songs are very often their preferred choice of music. Here’s TARfm’s list of the top ones…

1. 郭書瑤 (Guo Shu Yao) – ‘Ai De Bao Bao’


2. 王心凌 (Cyndi Wang) – ‘Hi Hi Bye Bye’


3. Twins – ‘Nei Gong Nei Ngoi Ngo’


4. 衛詩 (Jill Vidal) – ‘Heartbreaker’

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