Chen Chinese character

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet). However, not being careful in naming our children will subject them to a lifetime of being made fun. Here’s a list of names for Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese to avoid.

Chew Wing Kum = Chewing gum
Goh Swee Ming = Go swimming
Goh Shi Ting = Go shitting
Goh Teik Wan = Go take one
Lai En Kheng = Lion King
See Lai Ern = Sea Lion
See Mun Kee = See monkey
Mak Kah Peng = Marker pen
Siow Chee Kien = Sell chicken
Kiew Chee Kien = Kill chicken
Kuk Chee Kien = Cook chicken
Chee Kien Weng = Chicken wing
Chee Kien Thai = Chicken thigh
Kow Sing Eng = Cow singing
Kam Meng Soon = Coming soon
Moo Wing Soon = Moving soon
Yeoh Han Nie = Your honey
Thoo Thye Ming = Two-timing
Loo Seng Wan = Losing one
Sum Wan Fatt = Someone fart
Yew Kien Fatt = You can fart
Kiew Wan Khai = Kill one guy
Wan Kah Kee = One car key
Soh Kok Kee = So cocky
Foo Pei Mun = Full payment
Gan Shu Ting = Gun shooting
Wan Mun Nee = Want money
Hoo Pik Wan = Who pick one?
Hoo Kah Meng = Who coming?
Yew Kah Meng = You coming?

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