20 FUNNY NAMES (English Name Plus Chinese Surname)

Andy Lau

Of course Andy Lau’s name is not funny at all. However, certain Chinese people’s names do become pretty hilarious when their English names are combined with their surnames. A well-known example of a Mandarin version one is Nelson Tan (niao sheng dan = bird lays egg), while a hokkien version one is Lucy Leow (lu si liao = you die already).

Here’s a list of funny names to avoid 😀

Annie Ting = Anything
Bill Liew = (Cantonese) Urine comes out
Bill See = (Cantonese) Shit comes out
Bill Sum = (Cantonese) Kidnap
Carl Tang = Cow dung
Casey Koh – (Cantonese) ‘Kai si gor’ = Guava
Don Lai = Don’t lie
Donnie Chew = Don’t need you
Harry Thai = Hairy thigh
Ivan Chew = I want you
Justin Loo = Just in loo
Ken Cheong – (Cantonese) ‘Gan jiong’ = Nervous
Macy Goh – (Cantonese) ‘Mei si guo’ = Never try before
Martha Liew – (Cantonese) ‘Mata liu’ = Police station
Michael Tan – (Cantonese) ‘Mai kai tan’ = Sell chicken eggs
Paul Chan – (Cantonese) ‘Por chan’ = Bankrupt
Shirley Wan = Surely want
Simon Chai – (Cantonese) ‘Sai man chai’ = Small kids
Tom Yam – Pray hard that friends won’t call his name loudly in a Thai restaurant.
Winnie Chew = We need you

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