10 ENGLISH MISTAKES You Should Avoid Making

English is not an easy language to master for many… Here are some commonly made mistakes:

1. Wrong: He is a staff of that company.                                                                                             Correct: He is a staff member of that company. *‘Staff’ is plural.

2. ‘Itinerary‘ should not be spelled or pronounced as ‘itinary’ or ‘itinery’.

3. It’s wrong to say ‘free gift‘. Any gift is free. That’s why the word ‘free’ is redundant in the phrase.

4. It’s prostate cancer not ‘prostrate’ cancer. ‘Prostrate’ means lying face down.

5. Choose between ‘irrespective’ and ‘regardless’. Don’t be greedy and say ‘irregardless‘.

6. The past tense of ‘stick’ is ‘stuck’. There is no such word as ‘stucked‘.

7. ‘Stuff’ is a collective noun and the plural for it is also ‘stuff’, not ‘stuffs’.

8. It’s photographic memory, not ‘photogenic’ memory. Unless we want to compliment someone for his nice-looking cerebral cortex on a PET Scan image.PET Scan

 9. ‘Film’ is pronounced as ‘film’ not ‘flim’ – Listen to it:

10. We withdraw money, we do not ‘redraw’ money.

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