10 Reasons to Get an iPhone 6

Be warned of sarcasm 😉

  1. We need to buy it for the same reason we bought that unnecessary high-capacity car, that overpriced handbag, that luxury ‘status-symbol’ watch, that super expensive designer eyewear, etc. For some of us, our self-worth does depend on our possessions. If we don’t own certain things, we feel less confident of ourselves. We might feel (often wrongly) that some people might look down on us. We are so self-conscious that they might think less of us if we don’t live up to their expectation as far as what we possess is concerned.  We just have to maintain that “I’ve-made-it/I-can-afford-it” image.
  2. To stimulate the local economy. It’s part of being patriotic. Although Malaysia is not experiencing an economic slowdown (yet), we should do our part. Consumer spending is very important to sustain economic growth. Kita sayang Malaysia!
  3. As a tribute to Steve Jobs. This guy was a genius. Although he’s gone, the company he started deserves our money.
  4. Because we are simply big Apple fans. We have been buying every single one of their products. We swear by them. Apple is unmatched is every single aspect. It does not matter that we had an iPhone with a cracked display the first time it dropped, or an iPhone with a conked-out battery after barely a year.
  5. To help Apple earn more money so that hopefully the working conditions in the Foxconn manufacturing plants in China could be continuously improved. Pity the Chinese workers.
  6. Our girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/family member needs to change his/her phone. No, they don’t need the new iPhone 5. After we get the iPhone 6, they can have our old phone.
  7. To impress our enemy in the office/school. We just need to show it off to him since he was so irritating when he got his new Android phone not too long ago. Sometimes, we buy the things we don’t need, to impress the people we don’t like, with the money we don’t have, right?
  8. It’s month-end, salary is out, there is some extra cash, and we can’t think of a better way to spend the money. Save it? What’s the use of working so hard if we can’t enjoy the money we earn? We deserve it. We need to pamper ourselves every now and then… 🙂
  9. Our current phone is old! It’s 11-month-old!
  10. (For you to suggest)

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