20 AWESOME FATHERS Who Did Incredible Things For Their Children (Part 1)

1. “Desperate father turns himself into a ‘human punch bag’ charging £1 per hit in bid to raise money for three-year-old son’s cancer treatment” – Read the story at Daily Mail
Awesome dad 1

2. A dad who asked Facebook to help his son feel better about his surgery scars was overwhelmed by the response of strangers from all over the world – Read the story at BuzzFeed
Awesome dad

3. Pro surfer Cory Lopez took his 2-year-old daughter ‘piggyback’ surfing – Read the story at The Huffington Post

4. A dad who patiently let his daughter paint his face like a cat

5. See the touching way a father surprise his son on his 30th birthday — 16 years after he passed away – Read the story at Business Insider

6. This dad couldn’t find good Marvel toys for his daughter so he built his own – Take a look at his own version of Honey Lemon’s chem-ball purse at BuzzFeed
Awesome dad 2

7. Father made a transformation from chunky to hunky after daughter told him ‘you don’t look like daddy any more’… and inspired him to shed four stone in four months. Check out his before-and-after photos at Daily Mail.

8. Dreamworks animator and father Daniel Hashimoto made amazing special effects videos starring his adventurous son – Enjoy all three volumes of ‘Action Movie Kid’


9. “Clinging to a moving train, dodging bullets and sitting on a plane’s wing in mid-flight: Dad uses digital trickery to create ‘photos’ of eight-year-old son’s thrilling adventures” – See the images at Daily Mail
Awesome dad 3

10. This dad built a roller coaster for his son in their backyard!

Featured Image: YouTube screen-grab (Jessehayes channel)

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