20 AMESOME FATHERS Who Did Incredible Things For Their Children (Part 2)

1. A 31-year-old father of two led the first mile and a half of the world’s most famous footrace, the Boston Marathon simply because his kids wanted to see him on TV – Read the story at Runner’s World

2. Meet the dad who packed awesome superhero notes in his son’s lunch every day – Full story at Today and see all the Super Lunch Notes on Instagram


3. Cranford, New Jersey-based father Joe Colangelo made his family’s winter a lot more exciting by building a homemade luge track in his yard – Full story at NJ.comhere

4. A devoted dad in Ontario, has found a unique way to remember his son Kai’s childhood – by covering his right arm with tattoos based on drawings by his son that he has been getting every year since Kai was 5 years old. Read more at Bored Panda.

5. In honour of his daughter’s third birthday, a snowboarding champion took her out for the tandem ride of a lifetime in this unbelievable video where he even performed tricks, such as flipping upside down while she held on. Read more at Transworld Snowboarding.

6. Awesome dad won 3 marathons in 8 days to raise money for his 10-month-old son with spina bifida (he earned $5,750 in prize money) – Read the story at The Huffington Post

7. A father bought a £20,000 Cold War bunker in Essex countryside for his four children to revise for their exams in peace – See how it looks like at Daily Mail

8. This dad painted his nails to support his bullied son. Why did he need to do this? Find out at The Huffington Post

9. This dad captured son’s imagination by turning his imaginary games into a Super Mario-themed video, complete with gold coins, turtles and mushrooms – Read more at Daily Mail

10. This innovative father used a brushless electric motor from a remote-controlled car to give his daughter’s Mini Cooper Power Wheel much more power.

Featured Image: YouTube screen-grab (Monke Y channel)

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