[UPDATED 25 Aug 2016] 17 GORGEOUS GUYS & GIRLS in Jobs You Least Expect

1. “Ikuta, who is also a model by profession, took cab driving as a second job due to the unstable nature of modeling.” – Full story at NextShark
Ikuta Kana


2. One sophomore girl surnamed Li at Yangzhou University who is participating in a work-study program at the university cafeteria has unexpectedly found fame on campus and online after smitten students dubbed her their very own “cafeteria goddess” – Read the story and see her photos at shanghaiist
Yangzhou University cafeteria goddess


3. Kaicyre Palmers is an Instagram model, a New York University student and a nurse in the critical care unit of a hospital in New York that the Internet now calls the “World’s Sexiest Nurse” – See her stunning photos at Nextshark, and some of you might wanna follow her on Instagram
The world's sexiest nurse


4. This chiselled Aldi worker has been crowned Mr England after beating an Armani model, a personal trainer and a professional tennis player in the beauty contest – Read his story at Daily Mail
Aldi worker


5. This super hot street cleaner in Brazil, dubbed ‘Sweeper Babe’ has been working for a cleaning company since she was 16 years old – See more of her photos at Elite Daily and check out her Instagram account
Sweeper babe 

6. Netizens are head-over-heels in love with the “cutest McDonald’s goddess” in Taiwan – Rocket News 24 has the story McDonald's girl


7. Meet “Miss Farewell”, the most beautiful undertaker in Germany – Full story at Oddity Central
German undertaker 

8. Pretty ice cream crepe girl in Taipei who became an Internet sensation after video of her making the street snack went viral – Check out the video below
Ice cream girl


9. 20-year-old You Shenglun is a six-packed baker who makes his cold cakes topless at Donghu Market in Taipei. He had previously entered a modelling competition called Mens Uno in which he won the People’s Choice award. Watch the video below and read the story at Daily Mail
Taiwanese cake-maker


10. Beautiful butcher dubbed ‘Pork Princess’ is so popular people queue to buy meat so they can ask for her phone number (and now she’s become an internet star) – Watch the video below and read the story at Daily Mail
Butcher girl 2

11. Gorgeous Filipino KFC manager is tastier than a whole bucket of hot wings – More photos and link to his Facebook profile at Rocket News 24 KFC Manager 1


12. Meet the hottest mushroom farmer in the world – Find the full story at Buzzfeed
Hot mushroom farmer 

13. Check out the stunning lady boss in Taiwan accused of ‘selling herself’ instead of dumplings at StOMP and in the video below: Dumpling lady boss


14. “Zhao Haonan, 21 has had his photographs shared by thousands online. Social media users call him ‘the most handsome bus conductor ever’. He works on bus no. 306 in Xi’an, which goes to the Terracotta Warriors.” – More photos at Daily Mail
Handsome bus conductor


15. ‘Taiwan’s hottest bean curd seller’ over whom women are going gaga – See photos of him working in the shop and his hunky modeling pics at Elite Daily, and see his latest photos on Facebook
Bean curd seller 1 

16. Hunky fruits and vegetables seller in Taiwan – Read more at Shanghaiist
Fruit seller


17. Guilherme Leão was 22 years old and was working as a subway security guard in São Paulo, Brazil when he became a web celebrity after being voted the hottest guard in 2014 – Read more at BuzzFeed and check him out on Instagram
Hottest subway security guard

Featured Image: Yi Tin Chen/facebook

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