7 Must-Watch Documentary Trailers That’ll Glue You to Your Seat [Part 1 – Jun 2015]

1. The trailer for what could be the scariest documentary ever, ‘The Nightmare’ which takes on the peculiar phenomena of sleep paralysis and night terrors


2. In the trailer for ‘Amy’, Amy Winehouse who died of alcohol poisoning in 2011 at age 27 is ‘just a girl that sings’


3. ‘An Open Secret’ trailer will horrify you – A damning documentary that takes aim at sexual abuse in Hollywood


4. Trailer for ‘Batkid Begins’ shows he’s the superhero Gotham needed (in 2013, Batkid fever swept across the Internet when a little boy named Miles Scott, a 5-year-old leukemia patient got the chance to fulfill his wish of being Batman for a day – Now, a documentary is being released chronicling Batkid’s rise).


5. ‘The True Cost’ is a documentary that exposes the true costs of the ‘fast fashion’ business – It gives us a first-hand look at the factory workers behind some well-known brands, and proves that no outfit is worth a human life


6. ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ is a documentary produced by Rashida Jones, and directed by two former Miami Herald reporters that provides a disturbing look at how young women are lured into the amateur porn industry through unassuming Craigslist ads – Your perception towards porn will totally change after seeing this documentary


7. ‘The Summit’ is a documentary that chronicles the deadliest day in K2’s history by attempting to piece together what happened on a single day in 2008, when 11 climbers perished on the second highest mountain in the world. ‘The Summit’ wins Best Feature Documentary at the Irish Film and Television Awards.

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