[UPDATED 5 Nov 2015] 8 DISGUSTING VIDEOS of Gross Stuff Being Removed from the Body

1. Live video of a female cockroach and 25 baby cockroaches being removed from a man’s ear in southern China

2. Video of a doctor pulling out a huge maggot from a woman’s bulging lip!


3. The video that shows the moment doctors remove a 5-feet long hairball from teen’s stomach – Full story at Mirror


4. The horrific video that shows how doctors in Peru use basil to lure a 3-centimetre long living worm out of a teenager’s eye – it had lived inside for a MONTH! – Full story at Daily Mail

5. The footage of a woman removing a clump of earwax the size of a large almond from man’s ear! Ewwwww!!!


6. Video of black and white heads on nose (some of the black heads were developed over 10 years) being popped up with a comedone extractor


7. Watch Dr. Vikram Yadav, an India-based dermatologist pull out hundreds of writhing maggots from a patient’s ear (he had aural myasis, a condition whereby a person’s nose or ear is infested with fly larvae)


8. Watch a huge botfly maggot being removed from man’s head


Bonus: A shocking video that shows 100 flesh-eating maggots inside a man’s nose (doctors subsequently took four days to individually remove them and wash his nose out) – Full story at Daily Mail

Featured Image: Groman123/flickr

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