7 Must-Watch Documentary Trailers That’ll Glue You to Your Seat [Part 3 – Sep 2015]

1. ‘Soaked in Bleach’ – A new Kurt Cobain documentary that claims he was murdered by his widow, Courtney Love

2. ‘He Named Me Malala’ – A powerful new documentary that takes us deep inside the life of courageous Nobel Peace Prize winner, 18-year-old Malala Yousafzai

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3. ‘Do I Sound Gay?’ – A documentary that explores the sound of the so-called ‘gay voice’

4. ‘Straight/Curve’ – A documentary that takes you behind the scenes of the plus-size modelling world

5. ‘White People’ – A cringe-inducing documentary that takes an unapologetic look at the notion of white privilege in modern U.S.

6. ‘CURT’ – A short documentary about 50-year-old competitive surfer, Curt Harper who is a beloved figure in the Southern California surf scene

7. ‘I Am Chris Farley’ – A documentary about the life of late comedian and Saturday Night Live star, Chris Farley who passed away almost 20 years ago

Feature Image Source: Statsministerens kontor/flickr

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