Top 3 Southeast Asian PARODIES of ‘ALL ABOUT THAT BASS’

1. Acoustic cover of Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ in Malay by Dzul Izzat from Malaysia. By making this parody he is standing up for all of the over-sized people out there. To him, being fat is fine.


2. ‘I go to palengke’ is a Filipino parody of ‘All About That Bass’ by Mikey Bustos (the Filipino palengke is a place where you can do and buy anything you like – craftsmen, food vendors, butchers, barbers, repairmen, tailors and much more could be found there)


3. TheSmartLocal team from Singapore made the ‘All About That Haze!’ parody as the country was experiencing serious haze problem

Featured Image: YouTube screen-grab (TheSmartLocal channel)

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