3 Very Memorable WEDDING VIDEOS You’ll Appreciate

1. A nearly 8-minute, one-take, 250-person wedding music video with lip-sync amazingness and choreographed craziness
This took place at the wedding reception of Robert and Theresa who own a Ninja-themed sushi restaurant. According to the notes attached to the YouTube video, “If you know Robert & Teresa, it should be no surprise that this superhero-themed wedding turned into an epic mashup of all kinds of crazy” and “guests were briefed for a quick 10 minutes and put into position before the cameras started rolling”.


2. The video of Salim Mehajer’s ‘wedding of the century’ that features four helicopters, a fighter jet, a sea plane and a motorcade of luxury cars and motorcycles
Auburn deputy mayor and millionaire property developer, Salim Mehajer tied the knot with fiancee, Aysha in an extravagant ceremony on 15 August 2015. The manner in which the wedding was organised in Sydney sparked a controversy among his fellow councillors. He was eventually fined $220 for street blockade. Read more on news.com.au


3. The wedding video of Solomon Chau who was buried on the day he was supposed to get married
Solomon Chau had a fairytale wedding before dying in his sleep on 17 Aug 2015 – eight months after being diagnosed with liver cancer. Read the story of Solomon and Jennifer who were married 128 days on Toronto Star

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