[UPDATED 15 Mar 2016] 7 ATTRACTIVE POLICE OFFICERS Who Constantly Arrest Civilians’ Attention

Kim Miso is a former Maxim model, and was even nominated for Miss Maxim in 2014. Her career, however, took a drastic turn in 2015 when she became a full fledged police officer and enforcer of the law. She’s now known as the ‘most beautiful police officer in Korea’” – See more photos at Koreaboo
Korean female officer


NYPD officer Mike Counihan is setting hearts aflutter in Manhattan, not just for his rugged good looks, but for his motivational Instagram account, which follows the Bronx-based officer’s impressive fitness regimen.” – Full story at news.com.au
NYPD officer


Teenage police cadet Olivia Green, 18, is confident of being a force to be reckoned as she prepares to battle to be crowned Miss England. The rookie cop, from Skegness, Lincs., said she was confident she can juggle both a career in the police and as a model.” – Read her story and see more photos at Daily Mail
English female officer


Hunky, tattooed, 33-year-old New York City sheriff’s deputy, Miguel Pimentel is certainly hot to trot – Read his story at Buzzfeed or go straight to his Instagram account
Hunky NYPD officer


“As a policeman in the Chinese city of Chongqing, Long Keyi is well used to stopping traffic. But he caused a hold-up of a different kind recently while on duty for the city’s marathon. The race’s female runners thought that he was so good looking that they abandoned their race and surrounded him, battling for the chance to take a selfie with him.” – Full article at Daily Mail
Chinese policeman


Hailing from Ürümqi in Mongolia, Halixian Yimingjiang, is no noob when it comes to knowing about a police officer’s life. Not only is her father an officer in her hometown, her darling husband protects the border 700km (435 miles) away.” – Read the story at RocketNews24
Mongolian female officer


“Aged 24 this year, 迪丽热巴·牙合甫 (pronounced as Dilireba Yahefu), or Di-Li on Weibo, is a Tajik (one of the many ethnic groups of Xinjiang) from the Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County in western Xinjiang. She shot to fame when her photos were shared across Chinese SNS platforms, not just because of her stunning good looks, but also because she’s a member of the special police force!” – Read more and see more photos at RocketNews24
Xinjiang female officer


Bonus Article 1: “… Ukrainian authorities thought this would be a good time to hire 2,000 new police officers, with an emphasis on good looking young people–and to encourage the new officers to take #KievPolice or #KyivPolice selfies with locals and tourists…” – Read more and see more photos at Fusion and Daily Mail
Ukrainian officers


Bonus Article 2: “… Chosen for their physical attractiveness, the 20 officers who made up the squad were kitted out with a tailored tight fitting uniform, sunglasses and 4.7-inch heels.” – Full story and more photos at Daily Mail
World's sexiest police force

Featured Image: Yarema Dukh/Instagram

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