7 Shocking and Exciting VIDEOS OF AIRPLANES

1. Watch a Boeing 777 land in 60 mph winds at Schipol airport in Amsterdam


2. Watch a Boeing 747 belonging to China Airlines being lifted off the ground at Taoyuan International Airport by Typhoon Soudelor


3. Watch an Airbus A380 get caught up in a terrifying crosswind landing in Dusseldorf


4. In this video captured by a passenger aboard a Sky Airline flight that was scheduled to fly from Santiago to Copiapo in Chile, just as the A319 was taking off, both sides of the engine housing appeared to have come loose and then one piece broke off and flew over the wing. See photos of the aftermath at Pixable.


5. Watch the moment a small plane came within feet of striking a man on the runway in Argentina. As the small aircraft descended towards the runway, the man continued to film it. Thankfully the pilot skillfully brought the plane up at the last moment.


6. Watch a skilled pilot land a replica World War II era plane without landing gear


7. Watch an Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane do a low pass right above some SU-25 fighter jets on a Ukrainian airfield

Featured Image: Aero Icarus/flickr

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