[UPDATED 9 Aug 2016] 6 BRIDES Who Had An Extra Special Walk Down The Aisle

1. This bride named Brittany Bachman whose biological father grabbed her stepfather out of the blue so he could also walk down the aisle together – Read more and see more photos at Twisted Sifter
Walk down the aisle 1


2. Heather Duquette’s father is a leukemia survivor who had been wheelchair bound for a while. He secretly learned how to walk so that he could surprise his daughter by walking her down the aisle. Watch the touching moment below and read the story at TODAY.


3. A car accident had left Gina paralyzed for years. Determined to walk down the aisle with her father on her big day, she went through months of intensive therapy… Watch the emotional moment in this video:


4. Jennifer Urs Sullivan’s dad passed away because of a heart attack before her wedding. Sebastian, the University of Miami Mascot who represented Jennifer and her father’s love of football walked her down the aisle to a standing ovation!


5. Jennifer Darmon was another paralyzed bride who walked down the aisle arm-in-arm with her father and brother


6. “‘The whole family is here now’: Bride given away by man who received her father’s heart after he was murdered 10 years ago” – Full story at Daily Mail

Featured Image: Ryan G. Smith/flickr

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