[UPDATED 27 Dec 2016] 13 Recent and Interesting Articles on FARTS

1. “This is why your farts stink – but scientists have found a way to stop that” – Read at Metro

2. “Patient left with serious burns after farting during operation and igniting surgeon’s laser” – Read at The Sun

3. “Farting: 7 Surprising And Spectacular Health Benefits” – Read at Little Things

4. “31 Tweets About Farts That We All Secretly Relate To” – Read at BuzzFeed

5. “How long should you be dating before you can fart in front of your partner?” – Read at The Sun

6. “What your farts reveal about your health” – Read at RemedyDaily

7. “Law and odour! Woman arrested for attacking hubby who wouldn’t stop farting in bed” – Read at The Sun

8. “Farts can fight CANCER as well as other killer diseases and conditions, scientists claim” – Read at Mirror

9. “Gas from 2186 sheep forced plane to make emergency landing in Bali after setting off smoke alarms” – Read at Herald Sun

10. “Pork Roll Company Owner Sued For Allegedly Firing Employee Over Excessive Flatulence” – Read at Complex

11. “A Pill That Makes Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate” – Read at Mental Floss

12. “The FART tracker: $120 sensor in your back pocket can analyse the gases you produce – and tell you how to improve your diet” – Read at Daily Mail

13. “Why Do We Like Our Own Farts?” – Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown

Featured Image: Eli Christman/flickr

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