10+ People Whose EXTRAORDINARY SKILLS/ TALENTS You Need to See to Believe (Part 1)

1. Watch professional stone skipper Kurt Steiner skip a stone across Vermont’s Lake Paran in a dozen or so bounces – Read more at newser

2. These two young guys are better at spinning pens than you are at doing most things

3. Watch Valeriano Fatica’s intricate carving of a watermelon

4. Watch flair bartender Po Hseng Hsu aka ‘Bruce Lee’ perform amazing acrobatics while creating a cocktail

5. Watch Argentinian kid Geronimo Fernandez ride a unicycle, juggle balls and solve a Rubik’s Cube at the same time

6. These young people’s skills with their cards are simply unreal

7. Watch Medhat Mamdouh play the recorder and do beatboxing simultaneously

8. Watch Zhou Ben Long perform amazing tricks on a human-sized hamster wheel

9. You’ll enjoy British comedian and Viner Joe Charman’s compilation of his impressive “skills”

10. This guy could put on pants with no hands!

Featured Image: Kuma Films’ YouTube screengrab

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