12 Videos for Those Who Can’t Get Enough of Watching People Groove to “UPTOWN FUNK”

1. A fun mash-up combining 66 clips from classic movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood (1953 and earlier) featuring some of the best dancers of yesteryear dancing to the wildly popular Bruno Mars’/Mark Ronson’s hit song (made by movie aficionado and author Michael Binder)

2. A 100-movie dance scenes mash-up

3. A lip dub by the first responders of Rock County, Wisconsin (consisting of policemen, firemen, officers from the Sheriff’s office and EMS workers)

4. 18-year-old Fred Rawicz from Derbyshire just couldn’t help it at T in the Park when the loudspeakers played “Uptown Funk”

5. It was realized by brilliant YouTuber/Tumblr user salliethesalad that the reprise of “Seize the Day” in Newsies happens to be exactly to the tune of “Uptown Funk”

6. To celebrate her retirement, Shirley Clements, a 60-year-old gym and dance teacher from Vancouver performed a hip-hop routine to “Uptown Funk” at the “Outbreak” dance competition which she founded 19 years ago, and she completely slayed it!

7. Watch dancer and choreographer Carson Dean’s impressive “Uptown Funk” dance moves on a treadmill, and watch him talk about the video and re-create the dance routine live on stage when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

8. Jen Ross, Deputy Head Girl at Belmot Academy managed to persuade her school to let her make a video of pupils and teachers dancing along to this hit song (even the headteacher made an animated appearance!)

9. In the music video for Uptown Funk “Oldtown Cover” ft. Alex Boyé & The Dancing Grannies, all the dancers (which included “Jean’s Golden Girls”, a famous senior women’s dance troupe from Utah) are between 65 and 92 years of age

10. Even Michelle Obama got down to “Uptown Funk” with Ellen DeGeneres!

11. High school teacher, Scot Pankey from A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas decided to lead an “Uptown Funk” dance around campus, and he was joined by dozens of students

Bonus video: Watch a tiny long-haired polydactyl kitten bop her head to the beat of “Uptown Funk”

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