10 Videos of ADORABLE DOGS That’ll Melt Your Heart (Part 1)

1. This dog lies down and plays dead when his owner mentions it’s time for a bath

2. Eight-year-old Japanese Spitz Caleb just cannot howl and sounds like he’s quacking!

3. This dog is determined to play on its own swing set

4. Watch Five, the Boston terrier run around British Columbia in this slow-motion video produced by YouTube channel, Shift

5. Look at this Shiba Inu’s reaction when its owner gives it increasingly smaller box to sit in

6. Bonnie, a rescue dog picks up her bowl with her mouth and moves it next to her best pal at every meal

7. Slow-motion video of dogs shaking in the ‘SHAKE’ series

8. While pet owner Adam Douglas was driving, pooch passenger Tommy insisted that he held his paw throughout the journey

9. This french bulldog knows how to reciprocate when her owner says, “I love you”!

10. Watch a litter of adorable Alaskan Malamute puppies sway their heads back and forth as tinkly music was playing through the car speakers

Featured Image: Toshihiro Gamo/flickr

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