[UPDATED 27 Jan 2016] 14 Videos & Articles Everyone Who Is Fascinated With LIGHTSABER Should Not Miss

1. “A Jedi’s weapon – The history, construction and lore behind the lightsaber” at Mashable

2. “Star Wars lightsaber colors, explained” at Vox
Star Wars Episode VII (7)

3. “How to build a real lightsaber” at CNN

4. The training arm of The Saber Authority, ‘The Force Academy’ in Singapore offers Combat Saber training programs – Visit their website


5. Fightsaber is a not-for-profit Star Wars fan group that performs choreographed lightsaber fights to entertain fans and non-fans alike – Read the story of Azmi Danuri, 29, the founder of Fightsaber at Channel NewsAsia
Star Wars Episode VII (8)

6. “Thanks To Google, Your Phone Now Doubles As A Lightsaber” – Learn how at TechCrunch

7. Watch world class fencers put on an incredible lightsaber battle


8. “Star Wars fans ditch first dance tradition at their wedding and have a LIGHTSABER BATTLE instead” – Read more on Mirror


9. A lightsaber that is made entirely of flames…


10. “Which is the best lightsaber fight in all of Star Wars?” – Read the answers at Quora

11. Star Wars : Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel (Full Length)


12. “Homemade lightsaber made with laser can cut wires and destroy things” – Read more at Mashable


13. The Graflex Know 2.0 is the best replica of lightsaber ever!


14. “Violinist uses lightsabers to play ‘The Force Theme'” – Read more at Mashable

Featured Image: Jo Christian Oterhals/flickr

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