[UPDATED 5 Feb 2016] 30+ Clever Tips You Need for WINTER

“15 perfect color combinations for your winter wardrobe” – Visit Bright Side to find out

15 winter hacks


Keep Your Feet Warm With This.. “Quick Trick”


Watch how a man use candles and flowerpots to warm up his home – Read more at San Francisco Globe


Some great tips on how to keep warm in the winter


“Ten superb life hacks to make your winter so much easier” – Read them at Bright Side

This simple trick to take off your kid’s boots is cutest life hack ever


“5 ways to stay active during your workday when it’s too dark and cold for walking meetings” – Read at TED

Bonus article: “Ten perfect drinks to keep you warm this winter” – Read it at Bright Side

Featured Image: Jeff S. PhotoArt at HDCanvas.ca/flickr

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