7 People With Autism You Need to Meet

1. Christopher Duffley is a 14-year-old blind and autistic singer and multi-instrumentalist. Born prematurely, Christopher weighed only 1 lb 12 oz at birth and was rendered blind due to Retinopathy of Prematurity. His goal is to share God’s vision through his inspirational singing. Visit his official website to know more about him.

2. Mason, the autistic boy whose trip to the barbershop went viral – Read the article at San Francisco Globe

3. Autistic seventh-grader Brandon Williams who saved a classmate from choking thanks to SpongeBob – Read the story at New York Post


4. 5-year-old Ramses Sanguino, whose mother claims that not only is her autistic son a genius, he’s also telepathic – Read the article at New York Post


5. The 11-year-old autistic boy who could draw an extremely detailed map of the world from memory – See the map he drew at Viral Nova

6. Autistic child David Militello who sang On America’s Got Talent when he was nine, and brought the audience to tears

7. 13-year-old Jodi DiPiazza who sang “Yoda”, weird Al’s parody of The Kinks’ “Lola”, and totally killed it – Read more about Jodi here

Featured Image: Dave/flickr

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