9 Articles Everyone Who Fancies a SMARTWATCH Must Read

1. “Thinking of buying a smartwatch? Read this first”
“There are dozens to choose from — but most of them have identical features, and differ mainly in quality of materials, design, and cost. Before you decide which one to buy, figure out what you want most out of a smartwatch first, then focus on style and price…”
Read the rest of the article at CNN Money

2. “Tag Heuer Connected Is Android Wear’s $1,500 Luxury Smartwatch”
“GOOGLE FIRST INTIMATED its high-end intentions for Android Wear months ago, at Baselworld, the watch industry’s premier event. That promise is now reality. The Tag Heuer Connected is a bet that an Android smartwatch can fetch a four-figure sum—with no rose gold in sight…”
Read the rest of the article at WIRED

3. “Disney Designed a Smartwatch that Knows What You’re Touching” – Read at Motherboard

4. “Turn Any Watch Into A Smart Watch With Chronos”
“Don’t want to trade your Cartier for a Fitbit? Chronos has the answer for watch collectors…”
Read the rest of the article at Forbes

5. “Pebble Time Round is a Great Smartwatch for People Who Hate Smartwatches”
“…The light, sleek smartwatch is hardly noticeable on my wrist and integrated into my life relatively seamlessly. The device is the latest for Pebble, which has sold more than 1 million units since it launched its first iPhone and Android compatible smartwatch on Kickstarter in 2012…”
Full article at Motherboard

6. “8 great alternatives to the Apple Watch”
“If the Apple Watch has kindled your interest in smartwatches, but you don’t use an iPhone or don’t want to spend $350 or more, you still have several good options…”
Full article at Business Insider

7. “4 Cheaper Alternatives to the Apple Watch”
“…There are plenty of worthy Android and iPhone-compatible smart watches that don’t share these very specific Apple Watch weaknesses. To prove the point,…”
Full article at Time

8. “Hackers are coming for your smartwatch”
“Hackers are becoming sophisticated when it comes to smartphones. Over the last year, malware makers launched successful campaigns that targeted very specific smartphone models, demographics, and populations…”
Read the rest of the article at Business Insider

9. “This is the main reason why people want smartwatches” – Read at Business Insider

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