18 Important Articles on LOVE You Need To Read Immediately (Part 1)

“This is what love looks like” – See the illustrations at Bright Side
“The Indian artist Nidhi Chanani understands better than most that it’s the little things that we share with our partners which make life worth living. That’s why she made a series of illustrations called Everyday Love, which demonstrates beautifully how every moment of a relationship contains its own element of wonder.”

“Some vitally important thoughts about who we choose to love and why” – Read at Bright Side
“On our way through this life, we meet many different people, all of whom are absolutely unique. Some people leave us indifferent, some people make us fall in love with them for the rest of your life. Family psychologist Irina Chesnova tried to explore why different people cause such different reactions in us.”

“John Steinbeck on Love” – Read at Farnam Street
“Found in Steinbeck: A Life in Letters, the master pens this beautiful and passionate response to his eldest son Thom’s 1958 letter confessing his love for a girl named Susan.”

“Research Shows ‘Love At First Sight’ Actually Exists For Some People” – Based on a recent survey of 5,000 singles aged 21-70… Read more at Elite Daily

“5 Ways Focusing On My Needs Helped Me Find The Love Of My Life” – Read at Elite Daily
“This article is more about figuring out who you are so you are ready for when that person comes into your life.”

“10 Lessons from an Economist on Love” – Read at Time
“Now, you might think that love is an area best reserved for the philosophers, psychologists and biologists. William Nicolson begs to differ. Instead try using the cool, rational tools of economics to get yourself a whopping return on your investments in the market for relationships, starting with these 10 rules: …”

“13 Weird Psychological Reasons Someone Might Fall In Love With You” – Read at Business Insider
“What might influence someone to fall for you? We pored through research on the psychology of attraction and found some fascinating reasons why people fall in love.”

“Who Falls in Love the Easiest?” – Read at Science of Relationship
“But is it possible that some people fall easier than others? To answer this question, researchers from UCLA surveyed over 350 men and women (average age ~30) about their experiences with falling in love.”

“Thoughts On Love, From Instagram’s Sweetest Couples” – Read at A Plus
“… we can all learn a little something from their captions, encapsulating what love means to them.”

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