[UPDATED 30 MAR 2016] 7 DISGUSTING VIDEOS That Might Make You Vomit

You still have the chance to click away if you can’t stand disgusting videos… otherwise watch at your own risk.

A vet removing maggots from a dog with bare hands


Watch moment giant cyst is sliced open by surgeon sending stream of pus oozing out – Read more at Mirror


A bug was being removed from a guy’s ear (Warning: Usage of strong language)


Wife sprayed with projectile while filming epidermoid cyst squeeze! – Read more at Mirror


A man’s spider bite extraction


“Horrible Video: The Worst Head Lice in the World”


“Gut-wrenching footage shows doctor remove enormous lump of ear wax and keratin from ear” – Read more at The Sun

Featured Image: YouTube screen-grab (Cordylobia Anthropophaga channel)