6 Intriguing Articles on FUNERAL

“Now that’s resting in peace! Dead Puerto Rican man is propped up in a chair holding a cigarette with his eyes OPEN at his own funeral” – Full story at Daily Mail

“Flashes to flashes, bust to bust: Taiwanese wife hires strippers to perform at husband’s funeral as final gift to him” – Full article at Daily Mail

“Students Perform Amazing Dance At Funeral” – Read more at San Francisco Globe


“A Good Day to Die: Fake Funerals in South Korea” – Read more at Vice


“A grave business: The rise of alternative funerals”
“When Rosie Grant’s mother died following a terminal illness, she fulfilled her mum’s wish to have a personal and unique funeral.
Rather than choose a typical Victorian-style service offered by many traditional undertakers, Ms Grant and her brother arranged for the ceremony to be held in a thatched barn, followed by a woodland burial, with a tree planted on top of the grave.”
– Full article at BBC


“Death is not the end: Fascinating funeral traditions from around the globe”
E.g. The New Orleans jazz funeral, South Korean burial beads, sky burial in Mongolia and Tibet, and Ghana fantasy coffins
– Read more at TED

Featured Image: Herry Lawford/flickr