[UPDATED 10 May 2016] 6 YOUNG-LOOKING LADIES Whose Ages You Could Never Guess Correctly

“Bodybuilding gran, 64, has physique of a 30-year-old and looks younger than her daughter after losing 5 stone”
“The size 6 grandmother-of-three, who weighs nine stone, puts in up to two hours at the gym every day, and has won EIGHT bodybuilding prizes.”
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Bodybuilding gran


“Can you believe she’s FIFTY? Glamorous grandmother who looks decades younger says sleeping naked and taking hot baths are her secrets to youth”
“- Woman from south-west China has shocked internet users with her looks
– The age-defying grandmother is welcoming her 50th birthday this year
– She says patting her face daily and homemade face masks are also helpful”
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Qin Ling


“Fitness fanatic, 48, who looks 20 years younger shows off her toned torso and pert derriere – but says she’s worked hard to get her body ‘with daily sacrifices YOU are not prepared to make'”
“- Laura Gordon from Charlotte, South Carolina works out eight times a week
– The 48-year-old also credits her figure with ‘not eating processed food’
– Puts six-pack down to sheer hard work, treating the gym ‘like a job’
– She explains: ‘I only eat healthy food, so I’m not fat'”
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Laura Gordon


“How to look 30 when you’re 60: Christie Brinkley’s story”
“How old does this model seem to you? 25, 30, or maybe 40? This is Christie Brinkley, and she’s actually 61. While her contemporaries are collecting their pensions, she poses in a swimsuit for famous magazine covers.”
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Christie Brinkley


“Look: 50-year-old Hong Kong model stuns web with newly released photobook”
“A collective cry of “woah, mama” rang throughout the hills of Hong Kong and beyond after 50-year-old model and mother-of-three Candy Law published a set of photos showing off her incomprehensibly perky assets.”
Read more and see more photos at shanghaiist. Also check out her Instagram account.
Candy Lo


“Is the Fountain of Youth in Thailand? 1965’s Miss Universe still looks pretty incredible”
“… winning an international beauty contest isn’t the only thing that separates Apasra from the rest of us ugly shmoes–if recent photos are any indication, she’s been practically reliving her glory days for the last 47 years, since the 1965 Miss Universe still looks like Miss Universe today even at the age of 67!”
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Apasra Hongsakula

Featured Image: candylolam/Instagram