[UPDATED 16 Nov 2016] 10 Burning Questions of Yours About MEN Answered

1. “Which body type do men REALLY prefer? Curvy, athletic or slim?” – Find out at Daily Mail

2. “How men REALLY feel about women’s body hair?” – Read the answers at The Sun

3. “What are the things that make men cry?” – Read the answers at The Sun

4. “Do men really find women with longer hair sexier?” – Read the findings of the researchers from the University of South Brittany at The Sun

5. “What guys really want in a partner?” – See the survey results, published as The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight Into The 21st Century Man which include responses from 818 American men over the age of 18 at Refinery29

6. “How men make 200 million sperm every day?” – Find out at Throb

7. “Will men ever live as long as women?” – See what the recent research from Imperial College London suggests at BBC

8. “Which are the most sensitive areas on a man’s body?” – Check out the results of the survey conducted by dating site, Victoria Milan, which delved into the bedrooms of 7,158 of its male members to peel back the covers on their preferences at Daily Mail

9. “Why men struggle to read female emotions?” – This article at Business Insider has the answer

10. “Why men REALLY prefer big bottoms?” – Read what scientists say at Daily Mail

Featured Image: discutivo/flickr