10+ Things You Ought to Know About WOMEN

“A new study has shown that women need more sleep than men”
“Researchers at Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre in Leicestershire, England say women need more sleep than men because their brains are more complex.”
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“Study finds women are better bosses than men — here’s why”
“… The survey discovered that employees who work for a female boss are, on average, 6% more engaged than those who work for a male manager. (Female employees who work for a female manager are the the most engaged of any group of workers.)”
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“Why so many women think their right side looks better than the left”
“Research has revealed that nearly half of women have a preferred half of their face — and it’s their right.”
– Full article at Daily Mail

“Female voices can be annoying, and the reason why is totally unfair”
“Your voice is too squeaky, too loud; it lacks authority, is grating or obnoxious or unprofessional. Why is talking while female such an offense? NPR investigated in their “The Changing Lives of Women” series.”


“Women Feel More Stress At Home Than At Work, Study Finds”
“According to a new study by researchers at Penn State University, women’s stress levels are often higher at home than they are at work — especially for women without children.”
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“Women Can Sniff Out Manly Men”
“Women at their peak fertility prefer the smell of men oozing with testosterone, a new study finds.”
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“Women’s Standards Of Attractiveness Are As Unrealistic As Men’s”
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“Weird Facts About Women”

“When Are Women Into Casual Sex?”
“New research, however, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that when great pleasure is expected, women are just as likely as men to say “YES” to casual sex.”
– Full article at Science of Relationship

Bonus article 1: “Men are better at map-reading, women are better at smelling: who wins the battle of the sexes?”
“Fifteen scientifically proven differences between males and females”
– Read more at The Sun

“Bonus article 2: “Science Proves Men And Women Really Do Have Different Moral Compasses”
“When it came to the idea of causing harm to another person, women experienced “gut-level negative [reactions]” to the idea that their male counterparts didn’t experience.”
– Full article at Elite Daily

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