[UPDATED 30 Apr 2016] 4 STRONG LADIES Who Are Tougher & Fitter Than Many Men

“Nine-year-old girl is youngest to race in a 24-hour Navy seal obstacle course”
“MILLA Bizzotto is one tough little girl.
The nine-year-old from South Florida is making headlines as the youngest competitor to complete the Battlefrog race BFX24 – a 24-hour obstacle course designed by the U.S. Navy.”
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Milla Bizzotto


“Is this Britain’s toughest woman? Doctor, 32, endures SAS and Navy Seal training including ‘surf torture’ and timed marches – and manages to BEAT the men”
“- Dr Clare Miller, 32, took part in the trials as part of a TV experiment
– Londoner endured timed marches, ‘surf torture’ and brutal interrogations
– Was described as the ‘strongest candidate’ by Navy Seal trainer
– Show puts participants through selection processes of Special Forces
– Along with Seals, Dr Miller took part in SAS and Spetsnaz challenges”
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Dr Clare Miller


Suzanne Svanevik is a 20-year-old Norwegian Crossfit athlete and fitness model. Her mission is to get more girls involved with strength training (CrossFit, Powerlifting, Weightliftng, Calisthenics, Rowing, Running and so on…)


Watch Australian fitness guru Kortney Olson crush THREE watermelons between her muscular thighs
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Featured Image: suzannesvanevik/Instagram