[UPDATED 29 Nov 2016] 12 Eye-Opening Articles on PORNOGRAPHY

“Turns Out, Porn Doesn’t Kill Love”
“In 1989, researchers Kenrick, Gutierres, and Goldberg published a powerful study examining the impact of pornography on relationships and attraction. In the study, subjects were exposed to photos from Playboy and other types of erotica.”
– Read more at Psychology Today

“The economics of porn”
“Finally, “tubes” — content aggregators that are the porn equivalent of YouTube — began to collect huge quantities of content, making free porn even more readily available. But how is money to be made?”
– Full article at The Week

“Online porn is wrecking relationships because it’s putting men off sex, says a former escort”
“A RETIRED escort has warned that online porn is destroying men’s libido and is creating a generation of “sexless couples”.
Lantana Bleu, who lives in the US, says men who regularly watch online porn and look at X-rated images aren’t able to get sexually aroused by real women.”
– Read more at The Sun

“A Former Porn Star on the Ethics of Adult Films”
“Veronica Hart has been in the adult film industry for nearly four decades. She started as an actress and has since become a director, producer, and even a caterer for porn sets. Although porn was once a way to pay the rent, Hart kept with it because, she tells us, she sincerely likes the people with whom she works.”
– Full article at Men’s Journal

“Generation XXX”
“Free pornography is ever more plentiful online. The right response involves better sex education.
IN THE 1990s, when the internet was for nerds, as many as half of all web searches were for sexually explicit material. That share has fallen—but only because everything from home-buying to job-hunting has moved online. Pornography still accounts for more than a tenth of all searches.”
– Read more at The Economist

“17 Things You Never Knew About Porn”
“A Reddit thread has asked people in the porn industry, “What is something the viewers really don’t know?” and the answers are … enlightening.
We can’t vouch for the experience of the writers, but all claim to have worked in the porn industry or to have been closely involved in it at some point or another.”
– Full article at Cosmopolitan

“Girl, 13, reveals how online porn turned her boyfriend into a sexual predator, as study finds one in ten CHILDREN fear they are addicted to watching internet sex”
“A teenager has told how being forced to reenact explicit sexual scenes by her porn-addicted boyfriend pushed her to the brink of suicide.”
– Read more at Daily Mail

“How Porn Is Changing a Generation of Girls”
“An 11th-grade girl confided to me, “I watch porn because I’m a virgin and I want to figure out how sex works.”
– Read more at Time

“For a lot of people who say porn is normal and harmless, they tend to celebrate porn as something that allows users to healthily “explore their sexuality” or simply be “open-minded”.”
– Full article at Fight the New Drug

Your Brain vs. Porn
“Gary Wilson is the author of the e-book Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction.”

Porn In Numbers
“Any idea what percentage of men and women watch porn each week or the average age that men start watching porn? Find out here!”

“TED Speaker Explains What Porn Is Getting All Wrong About Sex”
“Cindy Gallop has set out to change the future of porn.
As the founder of MakeLoveNotPorn.tv, a crowd-sourced porn site where anyone can submit videos, Gallop wants porn to foster intimacy instead of wicked thoughts.
Months within its launch, the site got over 75,000 members and tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.
When we spoke to Gallop about her MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP) movement in her from her crazy decked out black apartment/office (which went on sale in mid-September 2013) she explained how MakeLoveNotPorn videos differ from porn movies.
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