13 Handpicked Interesting Articles on PRINCE

“Ellen Shares Memorable Interview With Music Legend Prince”
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“Prince ‘was diagnosed with AIDS six months before he died'”
“… but refused treatment because he believed God could cure him, it has been claimed.”
– Full article at The Sun

“Inside Prince’s massive $10 million mansion where he was found dead”
“Named after the Prince song “Paisley Park” and the now defunct record label, the production complex features recording studios, a nightclub, rehearsal space, offices, and private space for the award-winning musician.”
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“Who gets Prince’s millions?”
“Prince had no children, his parents are both deceased, and he was twice divorced. So who will inherit his millions?”
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“How the Prince Sales Spike Compares to Other Icons After Their Deaths”
“During the first few days after Prince’s death, 654,000 of his albums were sold, and 2.82 million songs were downloaded, according to Billboard.”
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“Prince ‘locked women in secret sex dungeons and called himself the Messiah’, says ex”
“The singer denied the extraordinary claims when they were first made back in 2003”
– Full article The Sun

“Was Prince on Drugs?”
“Authorities report that it could be weeks before the cause of death is released.
However, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said Prince’s body had no signs of violence when he was found unresponsive Thursday morning at his estate in suburban Minneapolis.
There was also nothing to suggest that it was suicide. Olson said it appeared Prince had been at his home alone.”
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“Prince had major financial problems”
“His Royal Badness regularly turned down licensing opportunities from movies and TV shows — a main stream of revenue for recording artists — that wanted to use songs from his huge catalog of music.”
– Full article at Page Six

“Frail Prince DIDN’T kill himself say cops, despite claims of drug overdose days earlier”
“The late music icon, 57, was reportedly taking strong painkillers to treat chronic hip problems”
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“THE PURPLE PIONEER – How Prince set the pace for a generation of musicians”
“The last time he made a truly great album, he was pushing 30. (Though this came after a run of truly great albums – I count eight – that began with “Dirty Mind” (1980) and ended with “Lovesexy” (1988),…”
– Full article at The Economist

“Prince death: Five strange stories about mysterious US musician”
“1) He went without sleep – Prince was famous for being a workaholic and tireless music-obsessive, who produced nearly 40 studio albums and dozens of other recordings over a period of nearly 40 years.”
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“6 Fascinating Facts About Prince You Didn’t Know”
“… some of the most surprising tidbits about the life of the Grammy Award-winning singer.”
– Full article at Time

“Purple reign of a pop superstar: How a musician from Minnesota taught the world how to funk”
“He released his first album aged 20 and went on to sell 100million records”
– Read more at The Sun

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