9 Interesting Articles on CHEATING/ HAVING AFFAIRS

“9 facts about cheating that couples — and singles — should know”
“If you’re economically dependent on your spouse, you’re more likely to cheat on them”
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“Don’t hate a cheater, hate their GENES: Video explains the science behind what makes people have affairs”
“It claims that a person’s with a long allele variant version of a gene linked to reward and pleasure are more likely to have affairs”
– Full article at Daily Mail

“Beware of bankers! The most adulterous professions revealed… and doctors are MORE likely to cheat than lawyers”
“- According to Illicit Encounters, the UK’s largest married dating site
– Ranked 970,000 users by profession and bankers are over-represented
– Also ranking highly are people that work in engineering and marketing”
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“Research reveals the 3 unexpected reasons why men cheat”

“9 Unbelievable Cheater Stories”
“4. The mother and daughter who got into a catfight after discovering they had been dating the same man”
– Full article at Oddee

“Why couples are more likely to cheat when a woman out-earns her husband”
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“Science says people who have more power are more likely to cheat on their spouses”
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“The Real Reason Women Cheat”
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