[UPDATED 8 Dec 2016] 18 Articles That’ll Make You a SMARTER SMARTPHONE USER (Part 2)

Make Your Smartphone Less Distracting by Switching Your Screen to Grayscale – Read at Lifehacker

“Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight?” – Read at The New York Times

“Can’t hear music on your phone at full volume? This one simple hack will make it louder” – Read at The Sun

“Want to stop checking your phone so much? This one trick can make you break the habit” – Read at The Sun

“What should you do if your phone gets wet?” – Read at Bright Side

“Reduce the screen’s brightness… and five other ways to make your phone battery last longer” – Read at The Sun

“Charging a Smartphone While Driving Isn’t as Free as You Think” – Read at Bloomberg

“Putting Your Waterlogged Phone in Rice Is Dumb and Doesn’t Work” – Read at Motherboard

Featured Image: Kārlis Dambrāns/flickr